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Global businesses embrace ABLE’s RightNow® Add-In translation tool to gain competitive edge in today’s multilingual marketplace.

October 4, 2010 - ABLE Innovations (, a leading provider of translation and localization services in over 150 languages, announced today that it has developed a ground-breaking Add-in tool for RightNow® users called LinguistNow that will ‘enABLE’ businesses to thrive in the multilingual world of instant communication, expanding information and constant change. Kaarina Kvaavik, Co-owner and Chief Business Officer for ABLE, and Heather Shoemaker, LinguistNow Principal and Product Architect, will launch the product at the upcoming RightNow® Summit2010 Americas Conference, which runs October 12-14, 2010.

The Summit, being held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a meeting of RightNow® clients from North, South and Central Americas, such as SurveyMonkey, Motorola, and Snapfish, coming together to network, exchange information and learn from peers and RightNow® experts.

Designed specifically for RightNow® CX, a cloud-based customer experience suite that helps organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences across the web, social networks and contact centers, ABLE’s innovative Add-in allows RightNow® Content Administrators and Editors to request translations of Question and Answer content with the click of a mouse. Simplicity at its best, LinguistNow automates the content extraction/import process by packaging and exporting selected translatable content, including images and links, for translation by professional linguists. Once translated, the Add-in reverses the process and automatically updates the answers with the translated content.

According to Kvaavik, the product was the result of an unprecedented collaboration with SurveyMonkey. “As a committed RightNow® client, SurveyMonkey needed to provide exceptional customer experiences to their growing global customer base.” states Kvaavik. “ABLE developed LinguistNow so that SurveyMonkey and all RightNow® clients could meet the multilingual demands of today’s businesses in a cost-effective manner and deliver pertinent information quickly in various languages and different time zones to ensure a premium experience.” When asked to describe her ‘premium experience’ with ABLE’s newest product, Minna King, SurveyMonkey’s VP International, replied, “LinguistNow has both accelerated and simplified our translation processes. We can export content to be translated and import it back to RightNow® without any manual work on our side. LinguistNow has made our organization more efficient, has reduced our time to market, and has already saved us tens of thousands of dollars.”

Unlike high-priced machine translation programs and systems that only get the ‘gist’ of business content, ABLE claims LinguistNow is the leading-edge technology solution for quality and cost-effective human translations and the top choice for dedicated RightNow® Content Administrators and Editors. Other key features and benefits of LinguistNow include the overall improvement of translation quality and consistency; customizable link localization; integration of translation memory and the dramatic reduction of cost, risk and time to market. “LinguistNow allows RightNow content managers to focus on the task of managing content in their own source language. Our RightNow Add-in manages the process of exporting and packaging the content for the linguists, internationalizing the links and of course publishing the translated content,” Shoemaker said. “During the last decade, ABLE has assisted businesses expanding globally through pioneering translation processes,” Kvaavik said. “We are excited about this new product and I believe it signals the beginning of a new wave of innovation that will have an even more profound impact during the next decade.” Visitors and attendees to the RightNow® Summit2010 Americas Conference are invited to meet ABLE’s senior executives at BOOTH #6 to learn more about LinguistNow and ABLE’s language services.

About ABLE Innovations

ABLE Innovations is a US-based, WBENC-certified translation firm specializing in global language services in over 150 languages. ABLE (Advancing Businesses through Language Expertise) provides the innovative technologies, processes and resources needed to reduce translation costs, optimize efficiency and ensure rapid integration into today’s global market.

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