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  software localization 

ABLE Innovations localizes every kind of software component so you can deploy your products in global markets. Our process can include identification, extraction and reinsertion of translated files and file components. ABLE Innovations has expertise in major programming languages including C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, plus datastores like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2 and Access.

Whether you choose the conventional or technological approach, ABLE optimizes your results.

ABLE Innovations helps you prepare with:  Internationalization 
Whether at your location or ours, our Internationalization-savvy technical team can analyze, enable and test your software products at the code level (resources, executables, readme, installer scripts, help files, other User Interface text and documentation) to ensure localizability - across however many platforms and languages you require. For more detailed information, please visit ABLE Innovation's complete listing of internationalization services.
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Terminology Development 
In preparation for the translation of the software and documentation, ABLE Innovations can work with your documentation department and in-country representatives to deliver a glossary of recurring, key terminology that has been translated and sent to the target country for final review and approval. The glossary's use by our translation team members ensures consistency across every aspect of the localization project: software, User Interface text, online help, manuals and marketing collateral. In addition, this translated glossary will serve as the textual foundation for all future localization work.
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Product Training 
Before localization of the software begins, training on your product is conducted for ABLE Innovations' technical and translation team members. This hands-on training, conducted in cooperation with your development team, helps each ABLE Innovations team member understand how the software works, how the user will interface with it and how to generate the needed information (error messages and the like) for testing purposes. With a thorough understanding of the application, our translators can work smarter and faster. Similarly, our engineers can troubleshoot potentially problematic areas to avoid costly reconfigurations during later testing.
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Translation of Software and all User Interfaces 
To translate software strings, dialog boxes, menus, error messages, icons, online help files, readme files, install programs, tutorials and any other text which may appear in the user interface, ABLE uses only native translators and editors who we have been qualified as technically proficient in your software's subject matter and who we have trained in the specific use of your application. In addition, ABLE Innovations' language-specific Translation Project Manager and in-country reviewers ensure the most current use of technical terminology and cultural appropriateness.
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Rebuilding, Resizing of Dialog Boxes 
Our technical team works closely with our translation team to ensure the translated user interface is functional and displayed properly in the new language. First, our engineers rebuild the English (or source) version to make sure the source file is complete so that the localized product can be compiled. Then, they resize the dialog boxes and create the new screen shots which will appear in the on-line help system and in the documentation. Recompiling each language version comes next. Careful attention is paid to any problems that may result from text expansion or double-byte character use in the new language.
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Translation, Compiling and Testing of Online Help and Documentation 
Since the terminology used in the help and documentation is determined in large part by what appears in the user interface, ABLE Innovations localizes your help files, online documentation and other documents requiring translation after the user interface has been localized. Our online publishing team, using the latest online publishing tools, recompiles your help systems and online documentation to mirror the format of the English original. A final review by our translators ensures that all hyperlinks and hypergraphics are correct.
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Linguistic Quality-Assurance Testing 
After the product has been rebuilt by our engineers, ABLE Innovations' language-specific Translation Project Managers will perform a review of the user interface to check for linguistic accuracy. Not only are these reviewers trained on the specific application and how it interfaces, they perform the text quality-assurance of the translated terminology so they know exactly what should and shouldn't appear in the dialog boxes, etc. Sitting side-by-side with our technical team, these software testers analyze the entire localized version of your product to ensure it functions exactly like the English (or source) version.
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Technical Quality-Assurance Testing 
A thorough build quality-assurance is performed by ABLE Innovations' technical team on the completed localized products, including the install program. This phase is performed in a localized testing environment (with native OS, monitor size specifications and RAM/Hard Drive capacity, etc.) with all applicable third-party software that integrates directly with your localized product. In cooperation with your development team and using a mutually agreed upon testing specification, ABLE Innovations compares the localized interface with the source to ensure a technically accurate and culturally correct localized version of your software.
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