ABLE Innovations

Globalization Consulting

  web localization 

The Internet is a powerful tool for reaching mass audiences around the globe with minimal costs. ABLE Innovations will help you make your international web presence resonate.

We effectively localize your web content whether text, graphics or multimedia - plus content stored in n-tier systems. ABLE Innovations has expertise in major web programming languages including JSP, ASP, XML, HTML, JavaScript plus multimedia formats like Flash; or datastores like Oracle, SQL, DB2 and Access.

ABLE Innovations specializes in:
  • Static and dynamic content
  • Multimedia
  • eLearning, eMarketing and eCommerce
  • Datastores: Database and content storage
ABLE Innovations performs:  Web Engineering and Quality-Assurance 
Everything that occurs before and after translation of the content including re-purposing the content into an acceptable web format, producing browser-friendly page layouts and graphic images, adjusting navigation and performing the functional and linguistic quality assurance testing of your localized site.
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Web Linguistic Quality-Assurance 
This process ensures that all text has been translated, the original code has not been disturbed and the format has been maintained to resemble the source files. This step does not include the functional and linguistic QA of the localized site.
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Web Final Functional Quality-Assurance 
The task of performing the functional and linguistic quality assurance testing of the localized site after it has been built. Experienced linguists play the role of the end user to test all scripts, links and rollovers. Final issues are resolved and incorporated. The web site is released.
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