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Partnership with the Ryerson BMZ

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

We're thrilled to announce that Able Innovations will have a new partner for 2019 at the Ryerson Biomedical Zone in Downtown Toronto. The BMZ is a physician-led, hospital-based health technology incubator whose focus and resources promise to be extremely beneficial to our development. At the BMZ, Able Innovations will have the chance to validate our products directly in the hospital setting with clinicians, business experts, and innovative thinkers. In working with the BMZ we will be able to rapidly iterate our technology an clearly demonstrate its clinical value. At our company's current stage of prototype development, the Biomedical Zone provides the perfect environment for the refinement and development of our product, and with their aim to create scalable, sustainable healthcare solutions with global reach, this is an ideal partnership for Able Innovations.

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