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Able Innovations Visits Chicago

Eased travel restrictions allowed the Able Innovations team to meet with many U.S. partners and collaborators in Chicago last month.

From the left: Sebastian Martinez (Business Development Manager, Able Innovations), Matthew Knight (Innovation Specialist, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs), and Jayiesh Singh (CEO, Able Innovations) at Edward Hines VA Hospital in Chicago.

The team had the chance to connect with several key leaders in the healthcare space who are closely involved with the issue of patient transfer. When visiting Edward Hines VA Hospital in Chicago, the team was able to witness the scale of operations first-hand and better understand the applicability of the ALTA Platform in such settings. Hallways that stretched as long as 2km between wards validated the need for recent features of the ALTA Platform™ such as transport assist.

Able Innovations is deeply grateful for the time and energy everyone put forth to make the visit a success. Most notably, the team would like to thank: Matthew Knight for his support in navigating the inner-working of facilities including the various stakeholders involved in patient handling; collaborators at MATTER Chicago who engaged the team with interested healthcare facilities and the Trade Commissioner Service at the Consulate General of Canada in Chicago for enabling their trust in Able to connect them with strategic investors.

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