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AGE-WELL 2019 Strategic Investment Program Project

We’re very proud to announce that Able Innovations is a beneficiary of the 2019 AGE-WELL Strategic Investment Program accelerator. The SIP is designed to support innovative post-discovery solutions (e.g. technologies, services or policies) aligned with AGE-WELL’s mission and vision.

With the crucial support of principal investigator Dr. Bruce Wallace of Carleton University and the AGE-WELL SAM³ Hub (Sensors and Analytics for Monitoring Mobility and Memory) at Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital in Ottawa, we have been able to receive funding to develop a test system to measure and evaluate safe force thresholds on delicate tissue. This will allow us to conduct precise safety evaluation of our lateral-transfer device and processes, and verify its safe interaction with delicate human skin and tissue. In order to examine the shear forces and normal forces our device could exert on delicate skin and tissue, a test system will be developed and employed. This system includes a complex array of sensors and data acquisition monitors on a test mannequin configured in a manner to collect relevant interface information. This information will be used to determine the optimal form-factor design of the transfer mechanism and provide crucial data on its safety.

This program provides vital support to meet a major milestone in our product development process, that is, demonstrating that our technology is safe to use in transfers of vulnerable and frail individuals. Safety of new technologies is of utmost concern in the procurement process for health innovations. As such, completion of this objective opens the doors for Able Innovations, and we aim for this project to be a major catalyst in fostering new partnerships with healthcare facilities, where we hope to begin validation studies with our beta-prototype in an appropriate setting in early 2020. This is a major step towards realizing our advanced transfer technology that will save costs and improve healthcare outcomes, and we graciously thank AGE-WELL NCE, Elisabeth Bruyere Hospital, Carleton University, and Dr. Bruce Wallace and the SAM3 Hub for collaborating with us and helping to make our exciting vision a reality.

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