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Our Mission

Able Innovations is on a mission to advance quality of care, efficiency and safety in healthcare through user-centric, robotic innovation.

Our Founders


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Technology Officer

Able Innovations’ mission to automate patient transfer has been manifesting for years. As Jayiesh Singh volunteered in long-term-care, he witnessed how unhappy patients and staff felt after patient transfer. Philip Chang then experienced the struggles of patient transfer first-hand when he was admitted into a healthcare facility for a prolonged period of time. Following the co-founders’ unique journeys, they arrived at the same conclusion; the status-quo of patient transfers is unsustainable. Since 2010, Jay and Phil have been developing and commercializing numerous technologies. After founding a successful supply-chain consultancy, they joined forces to disrupt the status-quo. Between them, Phil and Jay posses decades of product development experience, experience in scaling up teams and products, specialization in IP and supply chain, and most importantly - a strong drive to develop meaningful technology. 

Our Management Team

Sebastian Martinez - Business Development Manager.jpg

Sebastian Martinez

Business Development Manager

Prateek .jpg

Prateek Mishra

Operations and Business Development Manager

Jian Huang

Control Systems Development Manager

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