ALTA Platform™: Safety Reimagined

Dear UnityPoint Representative,

If you are reading this, you are probably all too familiar with the myriad of problems associated with the highly routine task of transfers. This physically-intensive task exposes nurses and caregivers to chronic, and often career-ending injuries. Staff are often very busy and over-worked - the coordination to transfer further adds to staff burden, and is a source of inefficiency.

At Able, we are re-imagining how transfers are conducted. We believe that:

  • Nurses should be able to provide care without "breaking their backs"

  • The patient must feel secure and dignified - even in a vulnerable state

  • The status quo is unsustainable

  • Any viable solution must simplify workflows

The ALTA Platform is a ground-breaking technology that allows a single caregiver to conduct effortless transfers.

Why we Developed ALTA

Product Demo

ALTA Platform™

At a time when hospitals are facing acute staff shortages, the ALTA Platformallows healthcare workers to do more with less while protecting them from career-ending injuries. 

Our array of sensors coupled with an elegant user interface adds a layer of safety and protection, while making the device easy and intuitive to use. 

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Unique features solving unique caregiver problems:

  • Single-person operated

  • Easy-to-use smart device

  • Effortless operation

  • Efficient clinical workflow

  • Safe for both healthcare workers and patients

  • Contactless transfers

  • Dignified experience for all users


The Status Quo of Transfers

  • Majority of transfers today are conducted by manual methods

  • Manual methods require multiple staff to exert back breaking effort

  • At UnityPoint Health, 10 nurses injure themselves transferring patients every year

  • Transfers require finding and waiting for 2+ staff - not sustainable with staff scarcity

  • Staff often take on additional risk, attempt to transfer without help, and are injured

  • Lifts, swings and lateral pull solutions require additional steps for caregivers

  • Patients find conventional methods to be highly undignified

We'd love to hear from you.

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