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Able Innovations Announces Partnership With CAN Health Network

Able Innovations is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Coordinated Accessible National (CAN) Health Network, a federally-funded organization that works directly with leading healthcare operators across the country to identify their biggest challenges and match them with Canadian-made, innovative solutions. By partnering with CAN Health, companies gain access to real healthcare environments where they can implement their market-ready solutions, gain valuable feedback from end-users, and scale across the Network and beyond.

This partnership is an important and exciting milestone in Able Innovation's growth trajectory, and we are grateful for the many doors it will open for us.

CAN Health has built a stellar reputation by supporting companies and commercializing several product launches through the unique power of its private-public partnerships. Further, they have noted an impressive 80% success rate of a product being purchased after the CAN Health project. The Network tackles market access barriers for innovators, fast-tracks the procurement of solutions for health organizations, and serves as an integrated marketplace for actively advancing technology and healthcare.

Working with CAN Health will further cement the value of Able’s technology in the Canadian health sector and drive our growth. The ALTA platform™ is a cutting-edge solution for lateral patient transfers – creating efficiencies when patients are moved from a laying down position. By using the ALTA platform™ for patient transfers, care facilities and hospitals reduce the risk of injury to staff and patients, reduce the number of staff required to move an individual patient, and reduce the amount of time it takes overall for each transfer. Additionally, through collaborations with healthcare providers within the CAN Health Network, Able Innovations will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness and value of the ALTA platform™, leading to faster adoption and scalability in Canada.

Able is excited to work with potential partners in the healthcare industry to ensure our product continues to fit their needs and requirements and to build synergies in how the ALTA platform is used and adopted.

Read more about our partnership here.

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