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A new standard of care in patient handling.

Do more with less.

Today, transfers require 2+ staff to exert back-breaking effort resulting in injuries, burnout, and added burden. Able's robotic technology enables a single caregiver to conduct safe and automated transfers - transforming how healthcare is delivered.


Drastically reducing the likelihood of patient and caregiver injuries.


Significantly improving operational efficiency and clinical throughput.


Providing a greater sense of autonomy to patients and caregivers.

ALTA Platform™

At a time when hospitals are facing acute staff shortages, the ALTA Platformallows healthcare workers to do more with less while protecting them from career-ending injuries. 

What People Are Saying


Dr. Gaurav Puri

Chief, Emergency Department, Southlake Regional Health Centre

"Able is redefining the core values related to patient transfers. They have shown that they are committed to a device that transfers patients safely, efficiently and with dignity. All while minimizing time and injuries to staff."

Dr. A Vella.jpg

Dr. Andrew Vellathottam

Occupational Health Specialist

"I expect this device to be the new standard of care in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and long term care homes."


Stephen Gandza

Nurse, Hamilton Health Sciences; Nursing Professor, McMaster University

"Your work life is going to be better. Your opinion of the company you work for is going to be better. The care you deliver to your patients is going to be better. Happier, healthier nurses when nurses are really the backbone of the healthcare system."

Our Partners

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