A new standard of care in patient handling

The ALTA Platform

Able Innovations is revolutionizing patient transfers. Today, lateral transfers require 2-8 staff to exert back-breaking effort.

The ALTA Platform enables a single operator to perform these transfers, eliminating the source of numerous injuries while creating a more dignified care experience for patients. Facilities benefit from the ALTA Platform™, as it improves clinical throughput and reduces incremental costs.

Interested in learning how the ALTA Platform can better serve your facility and patients?

ALTA Platform

Alt Platform ISO view Safety

Superior Safety

Proprietary technology protects skin integrity by
exerting 5x less force than existing transfers



Transfer individuals to/from either side of the device simplifying logistics.

Alta platform display panel

Easy to Use

Designed with the user in mind, it is easy to operate and requires minimal training.

Render Device Only 3 side.png


Render Device Only 3.png

ALTA adjusts the height to cater to multiple scenarios and set‐ups

Streamlined Patient Transfer

  • Minimal effort

  • Single operator transfers

  • Intuitive functionality

  • Improves facility operational  capacity and efficiency 

Protecting those who protect us

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