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Able Innovations Featured On The Rad Tech Show: Tech Solutions For Better Patient Care

Able Innovations’ CEO & Co-Founder Jay Singh, was recently interviewed by host Jen Callahan on Skeleton Crew: The Rad Tech Show to discuss our innovative patient transfer technology, the ALTA Platform®, and the vision to transform standard practices in healthcare facilities. Some key takeaways from this insightful conversation includes: 

  • Able Innovations’ automated device uses advanced robotics to fully take over the patient transfer process with just the push of a button. This not only prevents career-ending injuries for healthcare staff, but also improves efficiency and the patient experience.

  • While patient transfers have relied on manual techniques that haven't changed much in 70-80 years, Able’s technology provides a modern solution, only requiring a single-operator, automating the most physically-demanding tasks for nurses, technicians, and other frontline staff.

  • Collaboration with frontline healthcare professionals has been instrumental in developing practical features and workflows. Able Innovations aims to address all needs and challenges raised rather than just delivering a "new technology". 

  • This first-of-its-kind robot smoothly glides underneath patients to move them securely between surfaces in under two minutes. Patients feel a great sense of dignity during the transfer process, while staff are safeguarded from injuries such as: sprains, back injuries, shoulder dislocations etc. 

  • The ALTA Platform® spans inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic imaging, surgery centers, aged care, and more - essentially anywhere safer, easier transfers are needed. MRI compatibility and other capabilities are actively in development.

  • Able Innovations’ vision is for automated transfer technologies to become the universal standard of care. We want to enable healthcare staff to dedicate more time to quality patient interactions rather than physically-intensive demands.

Jay Singh’s full interview with Skeleton Crew: The Rad Tech Show is available here. Thank you for tuning in! 

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