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AGE-WELL 2019 Strategic Investment Program Project

We’re very proud to announce that Able Innovations is a beneficiary of the 2019 AGE-WELL Strategic Investment Program accelerator. The SIP is designed to support innovative post-discovery solutions (e.g. technologies, services or policies) aligned with AGE-WELL’s mission and vision. With the crucial support of principal investigator Dr. Bruce Wallace of Carleton University and the AGE-WELL SAM³ Hub (Sensors and Analytics for Monitoring Mobility and Memory) at Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital in Ottawa, we have been able to receive funding to develop a test system to measure and evaluate safe force thresholds on delicate tissue. This will allow us to conduct precise safety evaluation of our lateral-transfer device and processes, and verify its safe interaction with delicate human skin and tissue. In order to examine the shear forces and normal forces our device could exert on delicate skin and tissue, a test system will be developed and employed. This system includes a complex array of sensors and data acquisition monitors on a test mannequin configured in a manner to collect relevant interface information. This information will be used to determine the optimal form-factor design of the transfer mechanism and provide crucial data on its safety. This program provides vital support to meet a major milestone in our product development process, that is, demonstrating that our technology is safe to use in transfers of vulnerable and frail individuals. Safety of new technologies is of utmost concern in the procurement process for health innovations. As such, completion of this objective opens the doors for Able Innovations, and we aim for this project to be a major catalyst in fostering new partnerships with healthcare facilities, where we hope to begin validation studies with our beta-prototype in an appropriate setting in early 2020. This is a major step towards realizing our advanced transfer technology that will save costs and improve healthcare outcomes, and we graciously thank AGE-WELL NCE, Elisabeth Bruyere Hospital, Carleton University, and Dr. Bruce Wallace and the SAM3 Hub for collaborating with us and helping to make our exciting vision a reality. Click here to read more about our project and the other 2019 Strategic Investment Program projects.

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AGE-WELL's 5th Annual National Conference

Last week, Able Innovations had the pleasure of participating in the 5th Annual National AGE-WELL Conference in Moncton, New Brunswick. The theme was "Exploring the Future of Technology & Aging." AGE-WELL NCE Inc. is a federally funded Network of Centres of Excellence. Established in 2015, the organization connects stakeholders nationwide to drive forward Canadian research and innovation in the field of technology and aging resulting in solutions that make meaningful differences in the lives of Canadians. Since its inception, the AGE-WELL has made tremendous progress in this mission, and has grown to over 250 researchers at 42 universities and research centers across Canada, with nearly 400 partnerships. With Canada on pace to join the ranks of “super-aged” countries by 2025, AGE-WELL’s mission and vision is more important now than ever. Able Innovations is truly honoured to be a part of this network, and we look forward to continued collaboration with AGE-WELL to realize our own products that will improve the quality of life of older adults and their caregivers. With Able Innovations formally joining the network in early 2019, this was the first AGE-WELL National conference we’ve attended, and we must say, we’re quite impressed! The conference kicked off with a “Drinks and Demos” Networking Reception, which afforded the opportunity for AGE-WELL’s partnered startups to present their solutions to conference attendees. Able Innovations and Dr. Bruce Wallace, the Principal Investigator for our AGE-WELL Strategic Investment Program project, presented our effortless transfer technology to delegates and detailed our progress made to-date and future plans. With (some) humility, we can proudly say our technology garnered significant enthusiasm from attendees. The conference opened with remarks from the Chair of AGE-WELL, Mimi Lowi-Young, and the Honorable Dorothy Shepherd, minister of Social Development in New Brunswick. Following this was a keynote from former astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk, who detailed the future challenges of healthcare in deep-space, and how they relate to developments here on Earth today. Next was the first round of Innovation Talks, featuring presentations by Researchers and their partnered older adults or caregiver on their respective projects. Next was the first Poster Session, featuring research presentations from all aspects of the AGE-WELL network. There, Dr. Bruce Wallace presented the preliminary results of our AGE-WELL SIP Project, Test system to measure and evaluate safe force on delicate tissue, currently in progress in collaboration with Bruyere Research Institute, Carleton University, and the Sensors and Analytics for Monitoring Mobility and Memory (SAM3) Hub. The day continued with three "Lunch 'n' Learns" covering topics such as scaling solutions, collaborative design, and innovation policies. Following this were events featuring AGE-WELL's Highly Qualified Persons, who are researchers pursuing excellence in the fields of aging & technology. Overall, the conference was an extremely positive experience. It afforded Able Innovations the chance to connect with passionate, talented, and committed individuals who are working across the nation to improve the wellbeing of Older Adults and caregivers through the promise of emerging technologies. AGE-WELL's early support of Able Innovations has been invaluable, and we look forward to continued collaboration with the network.

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Able Innovations Advances Healthcare Innovation in Collaboration with Bruyère Hospital and OBIO

Press Release: OBIO's Early Adopter Health Network advances technologies to address pressing challenges in the healthcare system as featured in Financial Post and Business Wire We are proud and excited to announce our partnership with Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital and OBIO to advance our technology. Over the last 2 years, Able has worked closely with Bruyère and its researchers to understand challenges faced by front-line staff and how transformative technology can address them. Able Innovations thanks OBIO for facilitating the alliance through its Early Adopter Health Network (EAHN). We appreciate OBIO’s continuous support towards scaling the ALTA Platform™ throughout the Canadian healthcare system. The partnership will serve as a model for facilities, as they look to reduce the level of burden and injuries caused to front-line staff - ultimately making caregiving more sustainable for all. Able strives to relieve healthcare facilities and staff from the lasting effects of the pandemic by optimizing patient transfer.

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Able Innovations Visits Chicago

Eased travel restrictions allowed the Able Innovations team to meet with many U.S. partners and collaborators in Chicago last month. The team had the chance to connect with several key leaders in the healthcare space who are closely involved with the issue of patient transfer. When visiting Edward Hines VA Hospital in Chicago, the team was able to witness the scale of operations first-hand and better understand the applicability of the ALTA Platform™ in such settings. Hallways that stretched as long as 2km between wards validated the need for recent features of the ALTA Platform™ such as transport assist. Able Innovations is deeply grateful for the time and energy everyone put forth to make the visit a success. Most notably, the team would like to thank: Matthew Knight for his support in navigating the inner-working of facilities including the various stakeholders involved in patient handling; collaborators at MATTER Chicago who engaged the team with interested healthcare facilities and the Trade Commissioner Service at the Consulate General of Canada in Chicago for enabling their trust in Able to connect them with strategic investors.

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Able Innovations a finalist in 2021 Health Tech Venture Challenge

Article: Advocate Aurora Health chooses finalists for 2021 Health Tech Venture Challenge Able Innovations was founded to help our front line staff- who now, more than ever, need recognition and support. Advocate Aurora Health and Matter.Health have teamed up to launch the 2020 Health Tech Ventures challenge. This year’s focus is to grow and sustain the culture of well-being for busy clinicians and accelerate solutions that address worker burnout. From a competitive field, we are honored and excited to make it to the finals of this competition. Our solution offers a unique approach to reduce burnout by focusing on reducing repetitive strain and dependency. We hope to use this opportunity to continue to innovate with Advocate Aurora Health to make a real positive impact on the day-to-day operations of our staff.

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Able Innovations announces $7.5 million to take the pain out of patient transfer

Article: Able Innovations announces $7.5 million to take the pain out of patient transfer Able Innovations is making waves - all thanks to its astounding supporters. Since the onset of the 2020 pandemic, the issue of patient transfer has become increasingly well-known. Healthcare facilities around the world have taken notice of the severe risks associated with the physically-laborious and mentally straining task of patient transfer for both patients and caregivers. Most notably, are two healthcare experts, Dr. Gaurav Puri and Dr. Andrew Vellathottam, who started supporting Able's mission early-on. This article provides insight into the seriousness of the issue of patient transfer and the excitement surrounding Able Innovations' solution, the ALTA Platform™. With the massive support gained from multiple parties including NorthSpring Capital Partners, Ontario Centre of Innovation’s Market Readiness Fund, University of Waterloo’s Velocity Health Tech Fund, and Dr. Puri and Dr. Vellathottam - the company is looking forward to validating their tech across North America this year!

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Able Innovations paves the way for better patient care

Article: Able Innovations paves the way for better patient care Thank you ventureLAB for this excellent feature. We are proud to be a client and look forward to collaborating to solve one of healthcare's most critical issues. Able Innovations continues to push for the improvement of patient care and healthcare workers' conditions. Through our ALTA Platform, we hope to transform the MedTech landscape. We recently had the pleasure of participating in the MedTech Demo Day hosted by ventureLAB, along with a few other Canadian innovators.

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Able Innovations works to transform frontline healthcare with USD $6MM in funding

Press Release: Able Innovations works to transform frontline healthcare with USD $6MM in funding Able Innovations is gaining massive momentum this year. In this press release, the company announces their USD $6MM raise. The raise is providing the resources needed to accelerate the adoption of Able Innovations' transformative technology, the ALTA Platform™. Thanks to the continuous support of investors and funders, Able Innovations is excited to advance commercialization efforts. The team is working closely with leading Canadian and American healthcare systems such as the U.S. Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Toronto's University Health Network (UHN), and Ottawa's Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital (EBH). The technology provides great value to patients, staff, and healthcare systems as a whole.

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Able wins OBIO Pitchers and Pitches

Article: OBIO Pitches & Pitchers Pitch Competition: Announcing the Winners Thank you Gail Garland and Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization for the great event and thank you to the judges for selecting Able Innovations Inc as the winner last night. We look forward to partnering with OBIO to further our company's mission.

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Announcing AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge Win

Article: Startup developing ‘effortless’ patient-transfer technology wins AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge: Toronto competition We are really proud to announce that our venture Able Innovations Inc was recently awarded the AGE-WELL NCE Inc. National Impact Challenge. This is a very significant moment as this serves as validation towards our mission to transform how and where our loved ones spend their golden years. I couldn't be more proud of our team. Thank you Michael Chrostowski, PhD, Isi Caulder, Peter Ricciardi and Garth Smith for judging the competition and your support!

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Announcing Velocity Health Tech Fund portfolio companies

Article: Our new portfolio companies We are proud to be a part of the prestigious Velocity Health Tech Fund Portfolio company! This puts us one step closer to growing our venture and achieving our goals.

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Breaking Boundaries Pitch Collaboration Challenge: Able Innovations Wins Top Spot

Article: VHA Innovation Experience kicks off with 10 Breaking Boundaries: Collaboration Challenge winners named Able Innovations has been chosen as a winner at the Breaking Boundaries Collaboration Challenge with 8 VA (Veterans Affairs) hospitals interested in working together.

The event was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the largest integrated healthcare system in the U.S., the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). VHA is making a positive impact in geriatric and veteran care by adopting innovative and cutting-edge technologies. We hope to build lasting relationships with the VA healthcare organizations listed above, and are excited to collaborate to achieve our shared goals.

Thank you to the Founder Institute and VHA Innovation Ecosystem for co-hosting an engaging event.

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